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In interview with, Ronda Lynne , An American activist, denounced the American politics in Yemen.She considered the humanitarian crises as a man made, and she critics the American media silence..

also she talks about Israel lobby and Saudi influence in American foreign policies

To the interview

How did you begin to follow the events of the war on Yemen and you have a picture of what is happening

I began to question the US government and the US media’s official version of the “War on Terror” due to the many contradictions in their statements, which lead me to start investigation the US government’s role in the Middle East.

It is clear that US leaders are influenced by a foreign lobby and were working towards the expansion of Israel, and not fighting a “War on Terror” but were responsible for the growth of terrorist organization with the help of the Saudi and Israeli governments.

I began speaking out against US foreign policies that are in my opinion terroristic immoral, and unconstitutional, in an attempt to make other Americans aware of the treasonous acts I believe our leaders are committing

While speaking out against US policies, I was fortunate to speak with many Yemeni and I can say from the bottom of my heart I have never met a group of people with such a love and appreciation for humanity.

As difficult and inhuman as this war has been on the Yemeni people they have not lost their spirit or their love for a world that has been so cruel to them.

This interaction was a reminder to me of why it is so important to stay strong and keep faith that justice and humanity will prevail, and why we can never give up on the fight for all of humanity to live in peace.

When the free people of this world unite together and stop allowing evil to divide us, I believe we will be able to build a peaceful world, where we respect sovereignty, race, culture, and religious beliefs, and embrace our differences while celebrating the fact that we are all one in humanity

USA Saudi Arabia and the UAE and provide them with support and arms. To what extent did this support contribute to the humanitarian disaster in Yemen

The humanitarian crisis is Yemen is man made, and is the direct result of the immoral war against Yemen.

The complete blockade, along with the bombing of civilian infrastructure has led to the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

There is no justification for this crisis, there is no justification for the continuation of this war

Why do all efforts to stop the war on Yemen fail

There are many reasons the efforts to stop the war on Yemen fail, the most important is that these efforts are not genuine but simply an attempt by those in power to silence the voices calling for an end to this inhuman and unjust war.

In the United States, members of Congress continue to write legislation to end US support for the Saudi Coalition, unfortunately this legislation has no chance of passing.

I believe this is simply a trick by US leaders to give the American people the illusion that our Representatives are working on behalf of the American people who demand an end to these unconstitutional wars.

Congress has a veto proof option to stop US support for the war against Yemen, written into the US Constitution, under Article 1, Appropriation of Funds.

If Congress really wanted to stop supporting the Saudi Coalition’s war on Yemen they would simply stop funding it.

Unfortunately, due to the corruption in the media and American politics most Americans are not aware that Congress is ultimately responsible for supporting the war on Yemen, and Congress has the ability to stop funding this war today.

Why do countries and governments in Europe and America ignore the voices that are calling for the end of the war on Yemen

I believe there are multiple reasons the US government continues to ignore the calls to end the unconstitutional war against Yemen.

First, the power of the lobby in America has too much control over American politicians.

Foreign lobbyists are required by US law to be registered as a foreign agent unfortunately this has never been enforced for the Israeli Lobby.

The Saudi Lobby is also very influential with members of Congress.

US leaders are putting the will of foreign influence before the will of the American people and in doing so are complicit in land theft, war crimes and humanitarian crimes. I believe this is also the case in the UK.

The Military Industrial Complex, Arms Lobby, as well as the Oil Lobby also directly influence US politicians.

Unfortunately, these lobbyist groups finance the election campaigns of US politicians, thus causing a system where politicians do not work on behalf of the people they swore to represent but instead work for the lobbyists who continue to support their election campaigns.

Unfortunately, it seems many of these companies value profits and not human life.

In America we have politicians that own stocks in the arms industry as well as the oil industry. These politicians are directly benefiting and advancing their own wealth from the United States being involved in war.

These are all major conflicts of interest that makes me question the loyalty of all US politicians.

There is not much interest in what is happening in Yemen, especially from jurists and those interested, what are the reasons

I believe the reasons for the lack of interest in the war against Yemen is due to a lack of knowledge on the situation. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the war against Yemen, or the man made humanitarian in Yemen.

Many of those who have heard about it do not understand that this war is a war of aggression against the sovereignty of the Yemeni people. Also, those who have heard about the humanitarian crisis are not aware that this crisis is caused by a total blockade and the targeting of civilian infrastructure.

Unfortunately, when people hear about this crisis they assume that it caused from normal circumstances that many in the world are struggling with and their reaction is usually, our own people are struggling and our people need aid, not realizing that we could be providing for those in need by simply not funding the aggression against Yemen, an aggression that is starving the Yemeni people.


What is the impact of disinformation and the absence of Yemen from the world media, especially in America

In America the lack of information on Yemen, the lack of reporting on the humanitarian crisis as well as the lack of reporting on the war crimes and humanitarian crimes play a major role in allowing the US government to continue backing the Saudi Coalition, due to the fact that many Americans are unaware that our government is playing a direct role in causing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and helping to starve the Yemeni people.

Disinformation also plays a role in keeping Americans silent, or causing Americans to support the US government’s role in Yemen due to Americans believing the propaganda that we are fighting terrorist, and terrorism and supporting the Yemeni people which could be furthest from the truth.

I believe the US media is complicit in the aggression against Yemen, complicit in the starvation of the Yemeni people, and complicit in allowing this unconstitutional war of aggression to continue.

Unfortunately, I believe most US journalists have forgotten what it is to be a journalist and instead of doing any investigating they simply spout the same propaganda of America’s corrupt leaders.

If American were aware of the truth of what the United States is doing in Yemen, globally, and here at home, I believe they would take a stand and demand an end to the aggression of our leaders, and I believe they would rise up and stop these endless wars.

What is the secret of your interest in the humanitarian tragedy in Yemen

I am a mother, and a human being.

I can not be silent when parents are being forced to watch their children slowly die of starvation.

I can not be silent when children are orphaned because of a Coalition that purposely targets civilians.

What is happening in Yemen is torture, a slow a painful torture that no living creature should ever have to endure. My secret is simply my humanity