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The leader in the southern transitional council Fadi AlMurshedi, stated that 450 American and British soldiers have arrived to Aden province.

AlMurshedi stated that this power is the first batch about three thousands American and British soldiers will be sent to Aden and Alanad air base, Lahij, Socotra, Hadhramaut ,shabwah, and AlMahrah.

AlMurshedi said that this power will come to Yemen under the pretext combating terrorism.

The united stated has stopped Tuesday the fishing operations in the territorial water on the western coast of Yemen.

That’s coincides with the UAE’s announcement of starting joint exercises…

Source in shabowa said that many of fishermen complained of preventing them of deep sailing in Aden Gulf, and they received cautions of sailing in areas near to American battleships.

UAE started exercises Tuesday in Arab sea and Indian Ocean with the participation of American battleships.

UAE media mentioned that the exercises under the line ” very native 20 ” included exercises on protecting the vital facilities, coast, and joint aviation command beside human frogs that specialized in mine-clearing in the deep water.

These developments comes after few days on the arrival of American battleships downloaded unites, mechanisms, and helicopters in shabowa, and Socotra island, which both represent strategic points on Arab sea, Indian Ocean, Aden Gulf, moreover, shabowa production for oil and gas.

The movements indicate that US is seeking to deploy in these areas through building fixed military bases while using the revenues of the eastern part of Yemen the producer of oil and gas , to secure the needs of its forces.

The American presence will strength the Emirati pressure on the ”brotherhood” whose forces control the oil crescent of yemen which extends from shabwa in the southern east till marib in the northern east , and force this group which suffered lately severe losses in Marib and AlJawf province to hand over these areas without resistance.